Security Statement

  • Your browser will go into secure mode when you click to proceed to the "checkout", and before you enter any personal or payment details. You can verify that you are shopping in a secure environment by looking for a locked padlock icon or an image of a key in the grey bar at the bottom of your browser screen.
  • This page is also displayed in secure mode to allow you to verify that our SSL certificate works and is valid.
  • Being in "secure mode" means that all of your details are transmitted in encrypted form to help keep them secure. The encryption method is is called Secure Socket Layer (or SSL). Encryption creates billions of code combinations to protect each transaction made on our site so that your card details cannot be viewed by others on the Internet.
  • When you click to browse pages other than the checkout pages or this page, your browser will switch back to normal, non-SSL mode. This speeds up page display, and thus makes navigating pages without any of your personal information much quicker.
  • To protect your Credit or Debit card information, we use a specialist Payment Services Provider who is compliant with the VISA and MasterCard PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. We don't record or store your card details, and no Battery Force employee has access to any card details. To help you identify which card you used for a payment, we will (in private messages to you) quote only the card type and the last 4 digits of the card number.
  • You may create a personal login for our site by registering, which stores your name, email contact information, and address. We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of this information.
  • Our site uses a session cookie to tell individual visitors apart. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser window. Our site stores no personal data in this session cookie. Without session cookies, most of the site remains accessible, but the shopping basket, login and checkout functions will not work.
  • When you log in, you can select the "Remember me on this computer" option. This saves a cookie on your computer, which allows our site to recognise you whenever you visit and to then log you in automatically. We recommend that you use this feature only on a computer which you use exclusively, and never on a shared computer.
  • We have designed our website infrastructure using current best practices and security technology. This includes appropriate use of encryption and firewall technologies, and an application design that ensures sensitive information is protected at all times.
  • As a further precaution against fraud, we limit the value of orders to £400.00. Regular customers can apply to have this limit increased by contacting us.

If you have any further questions about our site security, please contact us.

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