Battery Force Delivers to the UK Only

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Battery Force aims to offer great products and a robust service attractive to UK customers. With this goal in mind, we have simplified business processes as much as possible, and have cut out all expenses and overheads which aren't absolutely essential. While this does allow us to offer attractive prices, it also means that if you are not a resident of the UK, we can't process your order.

Some of the popular destintations we are asked to ship orders to, but can't, include:

Outside of United Kingdom
Processing orders for address outside of the United Kingdom implies a long list of additional overheads: export reporting (even for EU orders), international returns arrangements, non-domestic credit card processing fees, additional insurance cover (also to include more litigious environments than the UK), ...
Channel Islands
The Channel Islands (Jersey/Guernsey) are considered to be outside of the UK (or even the EU) from a VAT perspective. Shipping to the Channel Islands requires additional infrastructure to properly process VAT (at a zero rate), and requires appropriate export reporting to UK Customs. The Isle of Man is considered part of the UK for VAT purposes, and we can send orders to the Isle of Man.
BFPO Addresses
For tax purposes, UK Customs and Excise requires us to see "through" the BFPO address. While from a postal perspective a BFPO address is in the UK, we have to find out the real destination. If the real destination is not a UK address, we have to treat the order as an export. For anything exported, we would then need a letter signed by the commanding officer to confirm that the goods were really exported.

Offering our services to any of the above destinations isn't possible without additional costs, extra staff or breaking the law. While we would love residents of other areas to benefit from our services too, economic reality offers only three choices:

  • Higher prices for export orders. This would make prices for non-UK customers so unattractive that nobody would ever want to order anyway.
  • Subsidise export orders with higher prices for UK customers. We work very hard to offer our customers superior value, and why should a UK customer pay more because someone from abroad wants to use our service? Losing UK business to attract export orders isn't going to work.
  • Restrict our services to UK customers.

After careful consideration, we've decided to focus on providing our service to UK customers.