Battery Force Purchasing

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Battery Force provides great products at great prices to UK customers. In our mission to deliver the Best Value in Batteries, our suppliers play a key role. They manufacture, source and provide us with all of the goods our customers want.

If you make or sell a product which you believe our customers would like, then please tell us about it. To help you avoid wasting your time (and ours), please read on before getting in touch.

Battery Force Supplier Requirements

We offer products to end users, who are either individuals or organisations. The product(s) you want to tell us about must be suitable for this audience. We also specialise in only two product areas: batteries & related products (chargers, torches, ...), as well as navigational tools (maps, GPS devices, compasses, ...). If you want to offer us socks, inkjet cartridges or bananas, don't bother.
Continuous Supply
Our customers trust us to be a reliable supplier. This means we aim to carry products on a continuous basis. We source goods from suppliers who can deliver more of the same product repeatedly. We do participate in special offer items, but source them only from existing suppliers. We never buy one-off "I'm not sure where this came from" goods.
We're an online retailer. Just like our customers, we love fast deliveries. To keep up with us, you'll probably need to be able to deliver from stock.
It matters.
UK Domestic Goods
We don't have an import function. We hate paperwork. We buy only goods which are already in the UK, and have arrived there by official channels. Our customers are all residents of the UK.

Battery Force Supplier Benefits

We pay on time. Many of our existing suppliers consider us to be one of their most reliable customers.
Repeat Business
Solid partnerships with our suppliers make our business work best, and are key in allowing us to deliver on customer expectations.


While our hard-earned, excellent reputation benefits our existing business partners, it is unfortunately a double-edged affair. Just like with other companies of good standing, individuals not in any way connected with us are looking to profit from our reputation. One attempt we're aware of (and have reported to the police) was an approach to a non-UK company that went something like this: "My name is Mr. Robinson, I work for Battery Force, send me lots of stuff, I'll pay later.". Whoever sent Mr. Robinson anything is in for a nasty surprise....

A few things to consider when dealing with us (to make sure you really are dealing with us) include:


If you've gotten this, far Congratulations! You clearly have something really interesting to offer, which our customers deserve to hear about. Please send details to: