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Employment at Battery Force

Working at Battery Force is special. We go out of our way to make Battery Force the most satisfying place to shop online in the UK. But our customers are a demanding bunch. When they've experienced our service once, they expect the same uncompromising standard of service every time.

What makes Battery Force tick is of course a small, dedicated and competent group of people who make it all happen. Everybody has a front-line role with direct measurable impact on the quality of our service. We know that happy employees make happier customers, so all of our staff can work flexible hours and share in the long term success of our business.

While we rarely look to fill an outright vacancy, we're always happy to hear from individuals who would like to contribute to and share in our success. We're neither large nor bureaucratic: most jobs are about doing the right thing without restrictive boundaries. Typical roles do however involve one of the following primary responsibilities:

Fulfilling Orders

Fulfilment involves selecting the products customers have ordered from our warehouse, and preparing them for dispatch.

Our fulfilment staff need two personality traits. They have to be annoyingly accurate to ensure that every customer receives exactly what was ordered. And they need to be a bit playful to add the magical touch applied by an elf when packing a Christmas present. There are many rewards, including that the vast majority of customer praise is directed at our fulfilment staff and the fantastic work they do.

Interacting with Customers

Customer care is about interacting with our customers, helping them to find what they need and ensuring that they are completely satisfied with our service.

It's not customer service, because we don't service customers (or do oil changes on cars). We want to understand our customer's needs and offer the most appropriate solution. This involves a passion for doing the right thing by our customers, and some technical knowledge about (and interest in) the products we offer and their applications.


@need = qw(perl FreeBSD apache mysql HTML HTTP);
while (defined($_ = <STDIN>)) { chomp; $offer{uc $_}++ }
for (@need) { $offer{uc $_} or die "need $_" }
print "please get in touch\n";

Yes - we know this is geek-speak, but then we have some really cool technology making our business work.

Good to Know

Battery Force is based in the village of Collier Street near Tonbridge in Kent. We're an equal opportunity employer, and our offers of employment are based on a candidate's merit and ability to perform, as well as the availability of a suitable vacancy. We welcome candidates of any nationality as long as you have permission to work in the UK. We expect our employees to be passionate about a high quality of service, to actively contribute to a cooperative working environment, and to be mature enough to recognise that 42 sometimes really is the answer.

We offer our employees the satisfaction of contributing in a direct and measurable way - and being recognised for it. A flexible, friendly and supportive working environment help you perform to your ability. Competitive pay, benefits, and additional rewards for performance ensure that you'll participate in the long term success you help create.


If so, please introduce yourself (with usual details, stating the area you're interested in) to our MD, Christian Karg by email at