JCB 301/386 Watch Battery Box of 10

A precision watch battery manufactured by JCB. Suitable for analog and basic digital watches that have a continuous, low power consumption. This JCB 301/386 watch battery is 11.6mm in diameter and 4.2mm thick.

The JCB 301/386 is the perfect replacement for LR43 / AG12 batteries as they are the same dimension and voltage, but are constructed with a different chemistry (Silver Oxide).
Silver Oxide batteries have a very flat voltage profile, this means they keep producing 1.55v until they are exhausted unlike alkaline batteries which have a curved voltage profile, which means the voltage will steadily drop as the batteries discharge.

Alternative Names: SR43SW, SR43, SR1142, SB-A8, 280-01, D, V301, 226, GP301, S1142E, 301, D301, 301X, 301A, SR1142SW, E301

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Pack Information
Batteries per Pack: 10
Individual Battery Details (301 Silver Oxide Button Cell)
Battery Technology: Silver Oxide (Single Use)
Capacity Range: 115.0mAh - 120.0mAh
Diameter: 11.6mm
Height: 4.2mm
Voltage: 1.55V
Weight: 1.7g
Replaces: 226, 280-01, 301, 528, GP301, GS12, H150, M10, S04, SB-A8, SB-OS, SP301, SR1142SW, SR43SW, V301, V354

JCB 301/386 Watch Battery Box of 10
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