Energizer 1hr Charger w/4xAA 2300mAh NiMH Battery

The compact Energizer 1 Hour charger offers fast charge times which make it perfect for use at home or on your travels. 4 separate charging channels allow you to charge 1-4 AA or AAA at any one time and have their own LED to indicate the charging status. Designed for red/green colour blindness, each charging channel LED glows green to indicate charging and turn off when charging is complete.

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Pack Information
Packed full of features to ensure maximum maximum and safety:
  • Fast charging
  • Intelligent charging which recognises when your batteries are fully charged
  • Monitors voltage for safe charging
  • Monitors temperature for safe charging
  • Auto switch off
  • Four individual charging channels
  • Trickle charge function to avoid overcharging
  • Polarity protection
  • Primary battery protection
Batteries per Pack: 4
Battery Capacity: 2300.0mAh
Battery Sizes: AA, AAA
Battery Technologies: NiMH
Charge Current for AA Batteries: 2500.0mA
Data Sheet: Energizer product datasheets
Mfr Part Number: E300807300
Pack Weight: 404.0g
RRP: £33.32
Individual Battery Details (AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries)
Battery Technology: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) (Rechargeable)
Capacity Range: 500.0mAh - 2850.0mAh
Diameter: 14.5mm
Height: 50.0mm
Voltage: 1.20V
Weight: 24.0g
Replaces: 15A, 15AC, 4006, 815, AA, AANIMH, AANIMH1300, AANIMH1800, AANIMH2000, AANIMH2100, AANIMH2300, AM3, E91, HR6, KAA, MIGNON, MN1500, ND62S, NIMH, R6, RB100887, RB101644, RB102222, RB102746, RB103232, RC101161, RC101691, RC102235, RC103152, URU100366
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Energizer 1hr Charger w/4xAA 2300mAh NiMH Battery
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