Ansmann Energy Check LCD Battery Tester

The Ansmann Active Energy Check LCD Battery Tester is designed to test popular primary batteries and rechargeable batteries. By using Computer Aided Measurement (CAM)-Technology the capacity of the cell under test will be indicated accurately in 10% steps in only two seconds. The voltage of the battery follows in a further two seconds. Certainly, one of the best battery testers we've seen!

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Pack Information
The following cells can be tested in the Ansmann Energy Check LCD Battery Tester:
  • 1.5V Alkaline cylindrical cells: Micro AAA; Mignon AA; Baby C; Mono D
  • 9V Alkaline: 9V-block
  • 12V Alkaline: A23
  • 1.5V Alkaline button cells: LR43; LR44; LR45; LR54; LR55; LR57; LR59; LR60; LR66
  • 1.44V Zinc-Air button cells: V675; V13; V312
  • 3V Lithium button cells: CR1025; CR1216; CR1220; CR1616; CR1620; CR2016; CR2025; CR2032; CR2320; CR2430; CR2450
  • 3V Lithium Photo batteries: CR 2; CR 123A; CR-V3
  • 6V Lithium Photo batteries: CR-P2; 2CR5
  • 1.2V NiCd/NiMH rechargeable batteries: Micro AAA; Mignon AA; Baby C; Mono D
In addition to the capacity and voltage reading, the display will show a 4-bar battery graph symbol.
Mfr Part Number: 4000392
Operating Weight: 256g
Pack Contents:
  • LCD Battery Tester
  • 1 x Ansmann 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Wall Mounting Brackets
  • Instructions
Pack Weight: 380.0g
RRP: £36.95
Testers per Pack: 1
Technical Detail:
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Ansmann Energy Check LCD Battery Tester
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