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We love to hear from you! You will get the best and most in depth response by using one of the electronic means of communication.

Please note that we accept orders, payments or delivery instructions only via our website. To ensure you really are contacting Battery Force, please use only the contact details below. We don't use mobile phones, operate only in the UK, and all of our email addresses end in "".

Send us an email at
We're here to help with Enquiries, Products, Order Status, Technical Questions, etc. Expect a response within one working day - often much quicker.
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Please ensure that you have provided a correct email address for us to reply to you. Expect a response within one working day.
Suggestions for Service Improvements
Expect a response from a Battery Force manager within one week.
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Our webmaster can assist with any issues relating to the technical operation of the Battery Force website. Please provide as much information as possible to help us locate any problem. Genuine problem reports receive a response within one business day, other messages will be silently ignored.
Suppliers & Purchasing
If you are supplying or want to supply goods to Battery Force, look here.
Snail Mail
Battery Force
Customer Care
4 Beacon Road
Trafford Park
M17 1AF
United Kingdom
For friendly advice, call (0161) 7860139, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Calls are answered in the order received as promptly as possible. Please note we can only accept orders placed via our website.
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