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Battery Testers

Battery Testers are available in two versions:

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Ansmann Battery Tester Ansmann Logo

Battery Tester

The Ansmann Battery Tester is a handy compact tester for NiMH and alkaline batteries including round cells and 9V blocks. Featuring a clear battery strength scale with replace, weak & good levels this basic Ansmann Battery Tester can test just about any size of battery. The strength is shown on the meter of the tester. More detail...

£4.99 inc VAT
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Ansmann Energy Check LCD Battery Tester Ansmann Logo

Energy Check LCD Battery Tester

The Ansmann Active Energy Check LCD Battery Tester is designed to test popular primary batteries and rechargeable batteries. By using Computer Aided Measurement (CAM)-Technology the capacity of the cell under test will be indicated accurately in 10% steps in only two seconds. The voltage of the battery follows in a further two seconds. Certainly, one of the best battery testers we've seen! More detail... RRP  £36.95 inc VAT, save £7.00.

£29.95 inc VAT
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Ansmann Energy Check Battery Tester Ansmann Logo

Energy Check Battery Tester

The Ansmann Active Energy Check Battery Tester can be used to test the remaining power in single-use or rechargeable NiCd/NiMH batteries. Suitable for battery sizes AAA, AA, C, D and 9v PP3, the LED capacity indicators are in 25% steps which makes determining the actual remaining cell capacity very easy. More detail... RRP  £16.95 inc VAT, save £3.96.

£12.99 inc VAT
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Ansmann Energy XC3000 Charger - Black Ansmann Logo

Energy XC3000 Charger - Black

The Ansmann Energy XC3000 battery management system is a combination of a universal battery charger, a charging station for Li-Ion battery packs and a very accurate battery testing system. Suitable for Worldwide use by professional users, quality inspection areas, laboratories, industrial applications and those looking for the ultimate battery gadget. More detail... RRP  £199.95 inc VAT, save £34.96.

£164.99 inc VAT
1 in stock
Ansmann KFZ Power Check 12v Battery Tester Ansmann Logo

KFZ Power Check 12v Battery Tester

Unfortunately, someone has beaten you to our last Ansmann KFZ Power Check 12v Battery Tester . Look here for similar batteries. Or if you would like to be notified as soon as this item becomes available again, just tell our exceedingly efficient Want More service.

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Uniross RA104588 Battery Tester Uniross Logo

RA104588 Battery Tester

We no longer stock this product. To register your interest in a suitable replacement, please tell our Want More service.