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AA Single Use Batteries

Single use AA batteries are probably the most common battery type used in the World. They power a huge range of devices. Single use AA batteries come in a number of technologies that provide very different performance.

What type of single use AA battery are you looking for?

Alkaline AA/LR6 Batteries - Alkaline AA batteries provide a great compromise between power and economy. AA alkaline batteries can be used in all devices.

Zinc Carbon AA/R6 Batteries - Zinc AA batteries offer a very cheap source of power. However AA Zinc batteries are only suitable for low drain devices such as TV remotes and clocks.

Lithium AA/FR6 Batteries - Lithium AA batteries are the most powerful type of AA battery. In high drain devices such as MPĀ£ players and digital cameras they will last up to 8 x longer than an alkaline AA battery!

If you are looking for a specific manufacturer Battery Force stock Duracell AA single use batteries, Energizer AA single use batteries and GP AA single use batteries.

AA batteriesAA single use batteries

GP Greencell AA/R6 Zinc Battery Pack of 4 GP Logo

Greencell AA/R6 Zinc Battery Pack of 4

We no longer stock this product. The closest substitute we carry is the JCB Super Alkaline AA/LR6 Battery Pack of 4.